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Closing Time

After some long inner battles I decided to close the site down temporarily.. It may or may not be back, I don’t know. I just need to focus my attention on other things at the moment and realign myself to get my mind right and really tackle this weight problem I have.. In the meantime, enjoy the song.

Recovery is going well

I am 2 weeks into my recovery and my arm is feeling amazing. The doctor stated I need to stay in the sling for four weeks which really sucks. I have trouble typing, preparing any food and doing just about anything. It can be frustrating some times but in order to get better you have to listen to your doc! But again my progress is great and I cannot wait until I’m cleared.

Take a look at my arm two weeks into recovery. The slits are very tiny as the surgery was laproscopic. These are just 2 of the slits. The shot is from top down

It definitely is difficult to keep a strict diet as without the gym and hard cardio sessions I need to really limit my intake. I’ll be back and even stronger