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Closing Time

After some long inner battles I decided to close the site down temporarily.. It may or may not be back, I don’t know. I just need to focus my attention on other things at the moment and realign myself to get my mind right and really tackle this weight problem I have.. In the meantime, enjoy the song.

Plantar Fasciitis

Ever walked around and noticed a twinge of pain in and around your heel area? Does it feel like you’re stepping on a needle pin side up? Does it hurt when you are standing barefoot on a hard surface? If so you may have this fairly common ‘injury’ known as Plantar Fasciitis. What this is is basically tightening of the fibrous band around the heel area called the plantar fascia. What the pain is the constricting and the stretching of the tendon when pressure is applied. Some notice it more during the morning as people who have this tend to sleep with their feet pointed. While the foot is pointed it relaxes and constricts to that shortened length then when you get out of bed and start taking steps the soreness is prevalent.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

This has been bugging me since Tough Mudder as the very next day I could barely walk. In fact, later on that day I felt as though I was a 95 year old man. I walked gingerly to and fro the car. Was painful! So what I have been trying to do lately is wear shoes with good arch support from the moment I wake up until the moment I lay down to sleep. At work I keep my foot flat on the ground and at times stretch it as if I were stretching my calf muscle. It helps at times but its not a ‘fixall’ if you will. In fact there really isnt much that can be done to ‘cure’ the problem only help ease some pain. I’m not particularly worried about it as its more discomfort than an injury.

So if you have experienced or are currently experiencing this pain what do you do to help mend the discomfort? Post in the comments and let me know!

Stay Strong!

Music and Fitness


As we all know music is a big part of fitness. Without it our workouts can be boring and feel never ending. Music helps with intensity, motivation and helps with blocking out distractions such as the often terrible ‘elevator’ music playing on the gyms speakers.

So my post today is a bit different in the sense that its about a workout mix I have the pleasure of checking out before others. As far as I know I have not reviewed any workout compilations or songs before and figured now would be a good time.

Right off the bat when I unzipped the file I noticed it was separate songs. Usually mixes and compilations are one single long track with nice transitions between songs but that is not the case. These are 20 separate songs that can be selected randomly or in order within your music player. Kind of defeats the purpose of a “workout compilation”

Some of the songs are a few years old and some are rather new, within the last year. Personally I prefer fast Dubstep while hitting the weights and only seldom and selectively do I like to throw in some rap/hip hop

The song choices are pretty good such as ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem

and Can’t Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr.

As well as Avicii – Levels

Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix): Kanye West

And Reptile – Skrillex

There are several other songs in the ‘mix’ that are enjoyable and will help with a good pump in the gym. Overall I’d give the mix a C as its really nothing new as in a mix but it’ll help you with getting some older songs onto your ipod or player should you have forgotten that ‘one song’ stuck in your head you’ve been meaning to add.

Thanks to DoA Mixtape KillaH for providing the Mix Tape as well as Gym Booty Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next one! Should you want a copy of the Mix Tape zip please comment and let me know!

Stay Strong

Arnolds Next Projects

For those who know me I’m perhaps the biggest Arnold Schwarzenegger fan around and have seen just about every one of his movies. I quote his movies daily with friends and family and pretty much idolize his ascension in the bodybuilding world as well as movies and politics. Success runs synonymous with the name Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Now that his career in politics appears to be over he can focus on what made him a house hold name, movies! Many rumors have been swirling about that Arnold is planning on reprising his role in several movies which he does not do too often sans a few such as Terminator 2, Terminator 3, The Expendables and Conan. However the rumors that I mentioned look to have him reprising his role again in Terminator 5, another Conan, a possible True Lies sequel and recently announced TWINS sequel called Triplets.

I can honestly say that I am more than thrilled to hear the news of these sequels, especially True Lies and Conan. The Triplets movie is not really something I’m too interested in since I was not thrilled with the first one anyways. Terminator does not surprise me since he sort of made a digital cameo in T4 as the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 or T-800 so its only natural to assume he will have some sort of appearance in Terminator 5, perhaps as a real person who the terminator is based off of, that would be interesting.

True Lies 2 has been talked about as soon as the first was released back in 1994. James Cameron, the director of True Lies, has expressed disinterest in sequels earlier in his career but according to recent news his focus lies with 2 sequels to Avatar. Afterwards he plans on devoting time to True Lies and possibly a Terminator sequel, which will be both highly anticipated and definite box office successes.

The movie that we are most likely to see first aside from Triplets (I’m on the fence about it) is a third Conan movie. The synopsis could be about an aging Conan who is now King and is at the end of his reign. He wants to go all out in one last battle, for glory! I think the idea is great and do like the idea of an older Conan reigning supreme and having an itch for one last battle. I guess you can say its similar to the last Rocky Balboa film that shows Rocky not 100% satisfied with his boxing career and needs one last final/farewell fight to close the book on his life. I see this as a success or maybe I’m being biased, either way I think Conan still has some life left.

I hope Arnold continues making movies well into his 70′s. He can still be a top box office action hero as long as it remains believable. I will remain his biggest fan even when he is long gone. There is no one like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Alyssa Michelle Agostini Interview

Welcome back to Project Today’s QA post features Up and Coming Northeastern Fitness Model Alyssa Michelle Agostini. Alyssa was kind enough to answer a few questions that I had for someone in the fitness industry. Have a read and let me know what you guys think and if there are any questions you’d like to ask please feel free.

What made you decide that you wanted to be involved in the fitness industry?

Fitness is my passion! I have always been involved with sports and working out, and have dreamed of becoming a fitness model. With my background in athletics, fitness was the perfect fit for me! In December of 2011 I decided to take my fitness and athletic abilities to another level. I began training to compete for the WBFF Eastern Championship, June 2nd, and placed 2nd in my first competition!

Now I have absolutely fell in love with the sport of competing, and with my drive and determination there is no stopping me until I make it to the top!


How long did it take for you to achieve your current physique?

I actually struggled with my weight my whole life. Up and down depending on which “diet” I tried, and once you stop the diet plan, your results vanish! It took me approximately 13 weeks of strict dieting and regular training to get to my competition physique.


What is your most gratifying aspect of being in the fitness industry?

Helping others. I truly love to help people. I get pride out of people saying that I inspire them to do better. It’s an amazing feeling to hear people say they are proud of you.

Also, from a personal aspect I would say the results! Who doesn’t love to see their body transform into something they have always dreamed.


What is your favorite feature?

I love my legs. I am a former sprinter for my high school track team and have always had muscular legs, but with the right training I sculpted and leaned out my legs to the right size to compete!


Briefly take us through a typical day in your life. A few sentences is all I need.

I eat 5 times a day and also work full time, so those that say they can’t diet because they work – that is not the case! I hit the gym right after work for an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training. Planning your day, from meals to workouts is key to a successful body!


What foods should I really focus on if my goal is fat loss?

Eating balanced meals of proteins, carbs and fats, 5 times a day. By eating more often your metabolism speeds up, helping you lose weight. There isn’t a “food” that you should focus on, but more or less eat often and EAT HEALTHY! Make healthy choices with your foods that you put into your body.


In your opinion what are your top 5 fitness tips that you recommend?

  • Diet is most important. Being conscious of what and how much you eat is the key to your body success. It doesn’t matter how many hours a day you put in the gym, if you leave and grab an unhealthy meal where will that get you!
  • Give your all into every workout. We have all been there, the days you just don’t feel like going or being in the gym, but remember the goal you set for yourself, and if it means that much to you nothing will stop you from achieving it!
  • Cheating is acceptable. Being able to cheat is telling your body, “good job!” It is okay to have a cheat MEAL but do not make a day of it. Remember do not set yourself back from achieving your goal.
  • Combine weight training with cardio. Doing cardio post weight training is ideal. Your body uses the carbs and calories as energy during weight training. Once that is burned off all that is left is stored fat. Doing cardio at this point will burn your stored fat as energy, therefore resulting in weight loss!
  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! I cannot stress the importance of preparation. Knowing what you eat and how much allows for you to understand what is going into your body. It makes you more conscious of the foods you do eat, and ultimately makes you more apt to stay away from bad foods.


Many women are afraid of weights as they believe it will make them ‘bulky’ Please set the record straight!

I could not be happier to answer this question!


Naturally women do not have the testosterone levels a man does to gain “bulky, massive” muscles. I too thought this until I tried it. Weight training sculpts your muscles and leans them out! With the right training techniques you can sculpt and proportion every part of your body! It is amazing the results you get when you pick up those weights. So ladies, don’t be intimidated by the bulky men and women that are swarming the weight racks! Get in there and grab some lightweights, do reps of 15-20 and feel the burn! Don’t knock it till you try it!


What did you do to stay motivated and not slip up, dealing with cravings, sweets, etc..? If you did slip up how did you manage to bounce back and continue on your journey?

I would say keeping my ideal goal in mind. For me it was competing; but if your goal is weight loss or putting on some lean muscle tone, keep that image of what you want to look like in mind and strive for it! Print a picture of a body you want and keep going until you get there!

I never necessarily slipped up because I incorporated a cheat meal. It was once a week, every Friday. It was me telling my body, great job! And every week I’d look forward to my cheat so I never slipped up.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the next few months I hope to go Pro for the WBFF as a Diva Fitness Model. I am competing in November in my hometown, Providence, RI.

In 5 years, I hope to be big in the fitness industry. I truly love what I do and want to help others achieve my same success! Doing this on a larger scope would be my ultimate dream.


Any shout-outs you’d like to give? And where can we find you on the internet?

My WBFF Family! I’ve met some amazing men and women along this journey.

You can find me on all Social Media sites where I give recipes, workouts, daily tips and more!

Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter: @AlyssaAgostini

Tumblr (Fitness Blog):

OR Email me personally, I answer every one, and love getting questions!

Thank you for your time Alyssa, best of luck to you in the fitness world. More interviews coming soon folks, stay tuned and Stay Strong!