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Closing Time

After some long inner battles I decided to close the site down temporarily.. It may or may not be back, I don’t know. I just need to focus my attention on other things at the moment and realign myself to get my mind right and really tackle this weight problem I have.. In the meantime, enjoy the song.

The Jogger

So while watching the Olympics they played a series of commercials unofficially called ‘Find Your Greatness’ They showed clips of a little boy jumping off a high dive platform into a pool, an extremely quick WUSHU sword expert, a fast boxer, etc.. but the one that seemed to be generating the most buzz is simply known as ‘The Jogger’ Take a look



Below is the quote from the video, narrated by Tom Hardy

Greatness it’s just something we made up. Somehow we come to

believe that greatness is a gift reserved for a chosen few for prodigies,

for superstars, and the rest of us can only stand by watching. You can

forget that. Greatness is not some rare DNA strand. It’s not some

precious thing. Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We are

all capable of it, all of us.


1 Month Progress

Well, it wasnt a good month mainly because its taking more time and it being a lot harder to adjust to eating cleaner. Its obviously not an excuse as I am not putting blame on anything but myself. I’m just having trouble making that transition that was difficult to do the last time.

According to the office scale I’m


Which is a loss but about 10 less than what I wanted. Again, no excuses, just poor performance on my part.

My home scale reads


I guess I can say its a drop or am I just kidding myself? I heard from a close friend who is preparing for Tough Mudder as well with me just performed free ring upside down handstand pushups! Wow! Those are extremely tough as they require every muscle to do. I have big time catching up to do but I will be ready.. I have to be! I will do it!

Stay Strong!

22 Days IN

May 22nd date
22 days in and I’m doing pretty well. My stamina is up, my strength is up, my endurance is up and my caloric content is down as it should be. I’m hitting the gym around 3-5 times a week and hitting it hard. There’s no reason to go to the gym, go through the motions and call it a day. Ask yourself what did I do at the gym. Thats what matters. If you cant say with confidence that you wrecked yourself then you wasted your time.

I’ve been considering participating in more crossfit activity and training as I see the best results from it. Houston Crossfit gyms are popping up everywhere but I’ve been partial to Crossfit Copperfield mainly because I started there when it was still small. Now its growing and the crossfit scene is bursting. Time is a factor as the schedules for crossfit do not relate well to my work schedule unfortunately. I’ll manage though. Stay Strong and look for an update soon!

And here we go..

Today it begins. 90 days of clean healthy eating and disciplined exercising and a tremendous amount of willpower will lead me to victory. This is not something I will stop on July 31st. Rest assured I will take all of this to October and beyond. My 90 day goal is split up into 3 stages. I will weigh myself again on May 31st, then June 30th and finally July 31st. I will also take BEFORE Photos and seeing how I feel at the end will post them but chances are I’ll hold off until December when I know I’ll be at a point that I am comfortable.

So according to the scale at the office my current weight is


At home my scale reads


Of course I was wearing clothing for the weigh-in at work so I would say that the pound difference is minimal if existent. We’ll go with 272.0 as this is the official CONTEST weight.

I will surely update the blog more often, hopefully 1-3 times a week just to let you folks know how I am doing. I KNOW by the end of the month I’ll be beyond the point of no return, meaning that the new lifestyle my wife and I will live will be so normal we won’t want to stop. Success is within our grasp and we are reaching it! Stay Strong!