Chris Michael Robinson Interview

Welcome to the first of a series of fitness interviews for Project  Today’s QA post features Houston Bodybuilder Christopher Michael Robinson, owner of Stakked Couture Clothing.  Chris was gracious enough to answer a few questions that I had for someone in the fitness industry.  Have a read and let me know what you guys think and if there are any questions you’d like to ask please feel free.


What made you decide that you wanted to be involved in the fitness industry?

Growing up I was always the chubby kid.. when I played football I was a center on the front line. (those guys aren’t skinny if you don’t know allot about football) I never got the girls, I was never the “cool guy”, so I started working out.. I didn’t really lose much weight, but as I grew into my body I filled up with muscle too so it made me look a little more bulky and less chubby. I started working out at golds gym in Houston TX and ended up working there for 3 years. I loved everything about it, but it wasn’t until I met Gabriel Salas that I really got into fitness. He was the first bodybuilder I had ever met and he took me to one of his shows. This is when I knew I wanted to be on stage, I wanted big legs and I had to be shredded which meant eating right.


How long did it take for you to achieve your current physique?

From start to the time being it would be about 6 years, but if I would have started eating and training the way I do now, I think it could have been easily cut in half.


What is your most gratifying aspect of being in the fitness industry?

I love the questions and attention I get. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t what kept me going, but being able to help people along the way is definitely a bonus. I’ve helped many people lose 30lbs or more, including one of my favorite clients and good friend Chad Lemons who dropped 60lbs and took 1st place at the Ronnie Coleman Classic (which was the first show I ever went to back in the day with Gabriel)


What is your favorite feature?

I love my shoulders, allot of guys have arms, and abs but you can really tell how serious someone is when they have those big shoulders.


Briefly take us through a typical day in your life. A few sentences is all I need.

I wake up at 9 and eat breakfast, wait about 2hrs to eat again then hit the gym. once I’m done working out… haha i eat again. I try to eat every 2- 2 1/2 hours until bed while trying to work in personal training clients and my bodybuilding clothing line Stakked Couture.


What foods should I really focus on if my goal is fat loss?

LOTS of meals, LOTS of protein, SMALL amount of carbs and fats.  I usually suggest 1g of protein per pound of body weight. And at least 6 meals a day. Your carbs and fats should be kept to a minimum and the ones you do eat should be complex carbs and unsaturated fats. Your carbs should be taken in mostly in the morning and should slowly decrease throughout the day. I usually don’t have any carbs for my last meal.


In your opinion what are your top 5 fat loss tips that you recommend?

-eat break fast (we’ve all herd this one, but its true! you’re literally (breaking fast) because you didn’t eat all night, which can really slow down your metabolism.)

-eat 6 meals a day (eating more is like throwing logs on a fire, the more you eat the more you burn. extremely overweight people usually have extremely high metabolisms due to eating so much food. When they actually do diet right they tend to lose allot at first because it is so high, so why not speed it up with food that will make you lose weight?)

-do cardio on an empty stomach (this will make you burn calories off your body instead of food you just ate)

-eat a lot of protein (protein does not get used as energy so it cannot be stored as fat, you burn calories by eating protein but don’t store them!)

-DONT eat a lot of fruit! (fruit is full of sugar! and there is no such thing as good sugar)


In your opinion what are your top 5 fitness tips that you recommend?

-Don’t work the same muscle every day (it takes your body almost three days to fully recover a worked out muscle, this is why bodybuilders do one muscle group a day)

-Take rest days ( the more you train the more rest you need. More is not always better)

-Walk the stair stepper or the treadmill at an incline (you use more muscle this way and keep your heart rate more in the fat burning zone.)

-Don’t skip out on your legs (even if you don’t want your legs to be huge, they are the biggest muscle group in your body which means they will release the most of your body’s natural hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. YES! these are natural steroids! and most of them will come from your legs)

-Always stay motivated and keep your goals in mind. When I find myself ready to quit early I just think of my goals and it will almost always get me through my workout or help me skip out on that bad food.


Many women are afraid of weights as they believe it will make them ‘bulky’ Please set the record straight!

Women! You will not get huge over night! Don’t you think all of us guys would be bodybuilders if that were the case?! The truth is lifting weights will give you that toned up look that you are trying to achieve. You don’t want to be that skinny girl with no butt! That’s what happens when you don’t use weights. Oh and don’t forget that when you workout a muscle with weights it takes almost 3 days to heal! That means you are burning calories the whole time your body is working to fix those muscles. which equals less fat!


What did you do to stay motivated and not slip up, dealing with cravings, sweets, etc..? If you did slip up how did you manage to bounce back and continue on your journey?

I always keep my goals in mind. When I’m on my way to McDonald’s I think about the cardio I did earlier that day. Do I really want it to be a waste? Do I really want to do it 3 more days than I have to, just to eat this meal that I’m going to regret the second I finish the last bite? No!!!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Looking my best! Training people to look their best, and having fun doing it! It may sound crazy, but this lifestyle becomes addictive. You will start to love going to the gym because you have the power to change your body into whatever you want it to look like! And you will always get so much respect for doing it. This is why its my whole life. My job, my hobby and my goals!


Any shout-outs you’d like to give? And where can we find you on the internet?

Id like to thank my amazing girlfriend Amy Nichols who makes all of this possible. She cooks all of my meals and is always supportive in what I do. Id like to thank Gabriel Salas for bringing me into the sport I love and my mom who put up with it all before Amy haha. You can find me on Facebook (Christopher Michael Robinson) and my bodybuilding clothing line at




Stay tuned for an interview with fitness competitor and owner of Aziva Couture Amy Nichols.  Thanks for your time Chris.


Things to look forward to


So I came across a post on the popular site that discussed things that someone who is on a weight-loss/lifestyle change plan. The post was a list of things they are looking forward to so I thought it would be a good idea to make a list for myself as well. Below is a list of what I’m looking forward to:

  • Being able to tie my shoe without holding my breath
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Being able to run further
  • Having enough energy to play with my little girl
  • Wearing smaller clothes that look better on me
  • Overall better health
I asked a few people the same questions and the answers were somewhat similiar with variations of course.  Here are their replies:
  • Getting rid of my medical issues
  • Being off medications
  • Spending more time doing “family fun” with my daughter.
  • Wearing cloths that I like, without spending a ton of money. Cloths are much more expensive for plus size women than “average size”


Another set of replies below:

  • Not having a back ache as often
  • Less headaches
  • More energy
  • Less hurt throughout the day


And finally:

  • Bikini Bod
  • Seeing old friends & them being like DAMN (direct quote)
  • Feeling confident
  • Run around naked all the time (LOL)


Everyone has a different reason behind why they want to better themselves.  You’ve heard mine as well as a few others.. but whats yours?


Stay Strong, Adam


Interviews Coming Soon

So I have been in contact with several people who are either in the fitness industry as stage performers and every day Joes who have lost a tremendous amount of weight and completely changed there lives. I will be presenting a series of interviews as well as before and after photos. I’m very excited as this should provide some insight on the struggle and determination of those who have had issues in the past and overcame obstacles. Stay Tuned!

Fat Acceptance

You remember Susan Powter? Here is a video of her lambasting the idiotic movement called “The Fat Acceptance” Movement. She’s 100% correct and people need to stop accepting or using excuses to being fat

1 Month Progress

Well, it wasnt a good month mainly because its taking more time and it being a lot harder to adjust to eating cleaner. Its obviously not an excuse as I am not putting blame on anything but myself. I’m just having trouble making that transition that was difficult to do the last time.

According to the office scale I’m


Which is a loss but about 10 less than what I wanted. Again, no excuses, just poor performance on my part.

My home scale reads


I guess I can say its a drop or am I just kidding myself? I heard from a close friend who is preparing for Tough Mudder as well with me just performed free ring upside down handstand pushups! Wow! Those are extremely tough as they require every muscle to do. I have big time catching up to do but I will be ready.. I have to be! I will do it!

Stay Strong!