Tough Mudder 2012

Its official. I along with a good friend of mine Bobby M. have signed up for the 10-12 mile mud obstacle course known as TOUGH MUDDER


As of today, January 30th I have 250 days to get back into the shape I was in and then some. 10+ miles of running through mud, wading in water, monkey bars, etc.. It will truly be a test of strenght, endurance, stamina and general badassery. I exceed in the latter but need to work on the former. I will be updating more as I am 100% focused on this goal. It feels great and I’m excited!

Check out the TOUGH MUDDER trailer below. Its pretty nuts!

New Year New You

And by you I mean me.  I’m talking to myself.  Since this is my ‘blog’ to myself in the 3rd person so when I read it I feel like it really is meant for me.  So lets recap 2011.  2011 saw me losing lots of pounds then putting it back on.  Wow what a disappointment.  I was to a level that I haven’t seen or been to or felt like in a long time.  I was obsessed with working out and eating clean.  It became a part of me.  Set backs followed by extreme loss of motivation put me back on the sidelines.  I packed on the fat, became lazier and wasted money.  Its not a complete failure though.  I did find out that my beautiful wife was pregnant with our first little girl.  I actually was not too shocked or freaked out as I thought I would be, maybe its because I’m at an age where I should be finished with having kids.  But I’m ready.  I’m already obsessed with her so I think I can handle anything she dishes out.


Our yearly Florida trip ended up as a South Padre Island trip.  My god is Texas hot during the summer time.  The further south I went the more intense the heat felt but then again that water doesn’t help.  I was determined to get up every day and hit the beach for a few mile jog and well that quickly went the way of the doodoo bird.  The trip was cut a day short due to threats of Hurricane Don which ended up as a Tropical Storm with little rainfall, oh well.  Next year or this year rather it will be a Florida trip again with a little 6 month old cutie pie with too much sunscreen on her nose.  I cant wait!  Christmas was also pretty fantastic.  We cooked an amazing turkey dinner and I got my wife a brand new HD video camera with expandable memory so we can capture out little ones life.  Her life will be completely digitized.


So my goals for 2012 are simple.  Get back to where I was prior to my laziness and motivation loss.  Also carrying and raising my little girl will keep me exhausted and hopefully will allow me to run work off some of this additional belly buldge.  Running around making sure everything is ok will most certaintly be exhausting.


Heres to 2012!!