Under the knife, here I come!

Tuesday the day I go under the knife. Its not a major surgery and the procedure takes less than an hour but I’ve never had surgery, never been under anesthesia and never even had blood drawn. Needless to say, even though its such a minor repair I am nervous!

I am expected to be in a sling for 4 weeks :( which is probably going to suck really bad as I have to depend on my left hand to do my work for me :( After 4 weeks in the sling I apparently have to do 3-4 months of physical therapy to regain the strength. From what I heard from people who have had this done is that your shoulder will feel even stronger than before any tears. This is very comforting and exciting at the same time.

This is what I will be training for once I am able to gym again.

After therapy I will begin a new regiment that will include plyometrics, high intensity interval training, and strength training. With this new workout I expect great results towards the end of the summer. I’m not buying new clothes until after my transformation. Even though I’m coming up to a year of working out I have seen pretty good results but not near where I want to be. Baby steps, mental prep and will power will push me there.

Stay Strong!

My mind is ready!

I have been struggling mentally to keep myself true to my goal of perfection. I use the term perfection loosely as I don’t literally mean perfect but more or less it represents my goal. Once I reach what I am aiming for then I know I have achieved perfection. My mind is again strong. My dieting has been improving to the point of what I consider normalcy. I am feeling energetic, focused and ready to continue on my journey. With my wonderful wife as a teammate and support structure its impossible to stop us