The Holidays, Contests and Winning

As the title of this post says.. the holidays were brutal. I’m not one for being PC so by Holidays I mean Thanksgiving until January 1st. Those 5 weeks can ruin a years worth of progress and exercising. I know that the last few weeks were extremely difficult and I had my share of decisions that I had succumbed to unfortunately. My eating habits were not the same as when I started this project back in July, in fact the last few weeks they were horrible! But the good thing about it is that I recognized this.

Starting tomorrow, Monday December 27th I am once again participating in a company wide Biggest Loser contest at work. Its basically like the show. We have an initial weighin then a final weighin. Who ever loses the highest percentage wins! :) I plan on winning it this time!

However I ran across something else that interests me just as much as competing against coworkers. The world famous is having a 100K contest thats running from December 17th to January 31st and lasts for 12 weeks. So in a nut shell you can sign up between Dec 17 to Jan 31 and you have 12 weeks to transform your body.

I plan on winning this as well. 2011 is the year for me!