Confidence can make or break you

I have learned in my days of lifting and training that confidence goes a long way. Without confidence you worry about your gains, your progress and you question your motivation. Feeling as though you’re not worthy of being thinner, being ripped from head to toe, etc.. will effect you, in the negative. You have power in your words and saying you can do it will allow you to do it.

Example; You walk up to the rack with 350 lbs of weight on a bar. You want to crack out 2 deadlift reps what do you say to yourself? Do you say ‘this is going to be tough.” No! You say “I can do it, I will do it! This weight is no match for my strength” When you rep and finish the set congratulate yourself but dont be surprised. Why should you be? You knew you could do it so be proud but don’t be amazed. You know your body and you know what it can do. Confidence in your approach will push you to the next level.

Why did I make this post its because I have discovered a new found confidence in myself. I was beginning to question my work ethic and when you question you lose. I dont want to lose, I want to succeed and with this new found confidence I will achieve greatness.

Monster Mash 2010 October 30th

Well I did it. I completed the 5k and let me say that it was a difficult and exciting experience. I woke up early on Octoberth 30th, 2 hours to be exact as I could not sleep due to anticipation and possibly a bit of nervousness. When I arrived at 6:45am about 100 people were already there warming up, chatting, etc.. I thought, wow, some of these people are legitimate professional runners. Sponsor badges, crazy shoes I’ve never seen, etc.. It was like a sporting event.

Heres a video of me discussing what was going on when I arrived;

Time finally came around and the race was about to begin. I was wearing somewhat warm clothes as you can see from the videos and many people were dressed in costume which were hilarious. I was close to the front of the chute so I had a good start as most were behind me.

About halfway through the race I questioned my ability to continue to run. I didnt question whether or not I could finish but if I wanted to walk or take a break. Hell No was I giving up!

This was the scene on the way back to the track. This was after the halfway point turn. Notice the angel/bumblebee/butterfly next to me LOL. It was interesting needless to say

Again I began to question myself but I fought through it and kept up my strong pace. Those arent tears, its sweat.. I promise :)

Here we go! I’m at the final stretch and ran through the chute to the finish line. I felt a bit silly running with a video camera in my hand but then again I saw a guy dressed up as a coffin running. I thought to myself screw it. I’m going to finish strong and be proud of my accomplishment!

Like I said I was very proud of what I did. Given that its my first running 5k I thought I did well. A 29:30 is under 10 mins per mile and I dont think I’ve ever average that speed in my life before. What really made the day complete is my wife sending me a text saying “I’m proud of you!” Nothing could have made me any happier at that moment.

I am looking forward to competing in the next one and hopefully one day I’ll see my name closer to the top of the winners circle!

Stay Strong!