Back in the game and ready to Run!

It has been far too long since I’ve been away from the Iron Game. But lo and behold I am back. I’m not sure if I’m 100% yet but Sundays gym session was difficult. Not because of my back but because I had no energy, no stamina and felt as though my strength has depleted. I wasnt there 100% It really crushed my ego as before I was feeling great and felt as though I could conquer all now I just feel ‘human’

But! This is what seperates the weak from the dedicated! If anything this has motivated me more. Enough to actually take part in a 5K run on Oct 30th. I am very excited for this as this will be my first ‘marathon/5k’ where I will run! I’ve walked a 5k during the Susan G Komen race but never ran anything. It will be a test and my training begins now!

To help with my training I inquired with some friends about shoes. They suggest I check out a running store nearby and get fitted for a shoe thats specific for my foot and gate. I stopped there and was measured and fitted for a very nice and remarkably comfortable Brooks Running shoe, specifically the Ghost 3

I had no idea that the shoe can make a world of difference in your training, running and simply walking. This shoe versus my old Nikes is night and day. I will continually invest in good shoes for training purposes and I suggest you do the same! Trust me you will thank me and your feet later.

I plan on bringing my camera with me to the run but not for pictures but for video! My point and shoot camera can record short vids so I will record myself during the start of the race, the middle and me crossing the finish line! I will post them up after the race.

Stay Strong!