Another Minor Road Block but The Biggest Loser is back!

So after my back finally healed up to the point where I could lift I had to go back ‘under the knife’ for more testing. I was a bit bummed cause I missed the gym. I wanted to continue my training at an immense pace since I was behind. Unfortunately that didnt happen since I am out of commission for about 2 weeks again, ugh! Oh well, I’ll have to wait a little longer now.

The Biggest Loser Season 10 has kicked off. Wow what an emotional ride so far and its only episode 1! I actually teared up a little when I saw the big guy with the dreadlocks fall when he attempted to run a mile. Oh man I cannot believe how unbelievable unhealthy we are! We, the US have a major major problem! I felt extremely bad for these people. I use to resent them thinking they are lazy but these people need big time help!

So watch the show and get inspired. If anything I’d like for people to be inspired by my journey! Stay Strong!

Minor Road Block

Up until the last couple of days my training has been excellent.  I go in with a mental plan and execute with heavy lifting and high intensity cardio.  I never leave the gym without a wicked sweat.  I do miss that however.  Last Wednesday I had an appointment with a dermatologist and had a mole removed from my back and sent to the lab (dont worry its fine) so I have been out of commission for a few days due to a hole in my back and stitches.  Per the doctors orders I am unable to lift :( due to chance of popping the stitches.. UGH!

On the other hand my dieting has been going great.  I cook most of my food and eat plenty of eggs.  I’m not worried about any ‘salmonella’ outbreaks since kroger does not get theirs from the outbreak center, thankfully.  I wouldnt know what to do without eggs!

I saw The Expendables yesterday and can say that I was a bit disappointed in it.  I expected a bit more to be honest..

Enjoy this training video from Terry Crews aka Hale Cesar