Running is good

Heres another video clip of me explaining what I decided to do instead of hitting the gym.. Its short but I wanted to update with something.

Suggested Serving Size

So today we went shopping and purchased a lot of healthy foods such as fruits, lean meats, dairy, plenty of tuna and snacks.  Snacking has always been a struggle for me as I tend to eat right out of the bag.  Even though we could have a healthy option as a snack I still grabbed the bag and pounded away a good half.

But today it was different.  My wife Jess thought of portioning out the servings.   Its a genius idea of course and extremely convenient.  Instead of eating out of the bag we took zip lock bags, both snack size and sandwich sized, wrote the caloric count, Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein.  We weighed out the serving size for each snack, bagged it and packed it away.  Its a way to really control your will power so instead of grabbing the entire bag you get a serving